Friday, December 16, 2011

Since it's Christmas, I have done quite a bit of coupon shopping and I can't share the details or else it may ruin a surprise for someone who might read this - so these are vague recaps :)

Target was awesome this week - so I had to do this transaction twice this week :)

Purchased - $20.55 worth of items.  After coupons my total was $10.50.  I used my AMEX $10 GC from CVS and my Target card brought the total down 2 cents more (hahaha) - so OOP 48 cents AND they gave me $10 in Target GC.  That really is a savings of 98%

The second day I did this I added a few things (milk, sugar, flour, and 10 yogurts) - so my total was $11.96 OOP for $36.42 (after paying with the $10 GC from the previous day and getting another $10 GC) I didn't have a coupon for milk, sugar, or flour - but did for the yogurt!)  savings of 67% which isn't bad considering that's basically the price for the sugar, milk, and flour.  The yogurt was on sale 10/$6 and I had $1/10 Target Q and 60cents/8 manu Q making them 10/$4.40.

So my overall Target week ends up at $12.44 OOP for $56.97 (and I started with a $10 and ended with a $10 GC) - for an overall savings of 78%!

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