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So, made a big shopping trip today after work - Victoria's Secret, CVS, Target, and Walgreens.  Was supposed to go to Rainbow for Double coupon day, but since I worked an hour and a half late, I just wanted to get home.

We went to Target Sunday night - but due to the screw up at Target - I still can't figure out how it ended up - I have 3 receipts for the one transaction and it was a mess that took about 20 minutes to try and fix since I paid with 3 forms of payment (2 Target  $5 gift card, AMEX $10 gift card, and Target credit card).  Multiple forms of payment make refunds and adjustments very difficult there!  In the end I was charged $20 on my Target card, but they gave me $4 cash and credited $10 back onto the AMEX GC...  so my OOP should have been just $6 for the $50 worth of stuff (8 six packs of Mountain Dew bottles and TGI Fridays Entrees.  The TGIFs were on sale for $1.99 and B3G1 - and I had Target $1 Qs and manu $1 Qs which I ended up paying $0.99 for all 4).

So, Vi…
So, I just got back today from a 9 day vacation and missed out on my usual day after Thanksgiving shopping.  I had Walgreens RR expiring today - so I had to go shopping to spend it!

2 4-packs of Kleenex (sale $4 each - 2(wags $1 off - 50 cents off manu)), 2 3-packs of razors (sale 2/$6 - 2 ($2 off manu + $4 RR), 2 toothpaste (sale $2.50 each - 2 ($1 manu) + 2 ($2.50 RR), and 2 18-packs of hair ties (sale 2/$3 + $3 RR).  $11.21 OOP and received $12 RR.

72% savings! If you count the RRs - better than 100% savings :)

Not bad since we were out of Kleenex and I was down to 2 hair ties :)
I've been sick so didn't get a chance to go shopping until now - which I'm still sick, but the sale was ending!
Wasn't a major purchase, but lots of savings!
Target -
2 12 packs of MEGA rolls Ultra Strong Charmin on sale for $1.90 off each + coupons ($1 off 2 manu and $1 off 2 target) + $5 gift card free when you buy 2
3 Covergirl eyeshadows on sale for .17 off each + coupons ($2.50 off 2 and $1 off 1 manu and $1 off 2 and $1 1 target) + $5 gift card free when you buy 3 (total comes to $3.44 for all 3 - so after gift card you 'earn' $1.56)
Cascade Trial Pack + coupon (.75 off 1)
Before sale and coupons = $42.41 After sales and coupons AND 5% off with Target card = $26.97 + $10 gift cards and a free fountain pop check out coupon (which I got a Dr. Pepper with!)
So after gift cards and what not - a savings of 60% and a free pop (didn't include that since who knows how much it would have been)...
Basically - needed toilet paper, which our preferred brand is never a gre…