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And the PS3 challenge has come to an end - and after an awesome start it finished poorly...  I think it was still great, though!  Yesterday bought some Kikkoman products for a stir fry dinner we'll have tomorrow night and paid $1.39 for $3.39 (savings of 59%).  That left me with $11.44 in GC.

Today bought lots of Skinny Cow and Snackwells (6 boxes of Skinny Cow and 3 boxes of Snackwells) along with mac and cheese, floss, and Uncle Ben's Rice at total of $39.33 for $11.97.  So, I had to pitch in 53 cents.

The $75 gift card from the PS3 purchased $268.17 worth of merchandise and then I had to throw in 53 cents at the end, which makes sense, since the PS3 only cost $298 something so I didn't really have to hit $300 exactly.

Overall savings of 70%.  I was going for 75% but Smart Ones frozen meals I bought earlier this week lowered my percentage - but they were a good purchase for my work lunches.  I only saved 40% on that day of shopping - which was the lowest percentage of sa…
Today's trip didn't go quite as planned - there was a chance for free Breathe Rights at check out. Since I had a price match I had to go to guest services for check out - and they don't have catalina printers - so no chance at it printing.

Today's purchase - 6 boxes of Skinny Cow snacks, 3 boxes of Snackwells snacks (both for our new healthy diet plan at home), one box of macaroni and cheese, and a bottle of Theraflu.

Retail - $39.04 and paid $9.87 off the GC

Total so far $204.88 and I still have $20.70 left.  It's sad to think that I'm so close and yet the goal of $300 seems so far away.  I'm pretty sure now that I'll be a bit short :(
The quest to hit $300 is still going.  Tomorrow I hope to put a nice dent in it - but yesterday I screwed up (only $1 - forgot to bring the printed ad for a price match, so paid $1 more than I should have).

Used up the last of my Mtn Dew coupons :( and got some free yogurt, cookie mix, and snacks.

$11.34 off the GC....  for $40.79 worth of items.

I have $30.57 left to spend and need to make it worth $134.16.  It's going to be close!

(so far made the first $44.43 worth $165.84)

Tomorrow - cold medicine, snacks, and macaroni!  Of course, I might find a few other things while I'm there.
With the holidays having just past - I have taken up a new savings task.  Last week, Target ran a special - a PS3 for $299 and get a $75 gift card.  My goal is to roll that $75 gift card into $300, so I can basically say we got it for free :)

After 3 shopping trips to Target since the purchase...  my current totals are...

$125.05 worth of merchandise - and I've only spent $33.09 of the gift card.

Now to make the last $41.91 worth $174.95...  I assume I will come up short - but, the PS3 was also on sale, so regular price would have been about $349 for the bundle, so I think as long as I hit $200 on the gift card, I'll be happy :)

Purchased so far:
Charmin Toilet Paper, Charmin Wipes, 4 6-packs Mtn Dew bottles, bath scrubbie, Scissors, 2 boxes of TGIF chicken, 2 Starburst storybooks (Christmas clearance candy is my downfall), 6 2-liters of Coke, and a Peacoat for me!