Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another shopping trip today since my RRs were expiring today from Walgreens.

2 bags of Kit Kats, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a peppermint patty - $3.30 OOP and received $6 in RRs... so basically made $2.70 on that trip. ($15.48 for $3.30 = 79% savings before RRs, 100% after RRs)

Then we went to Walmart to get me a set of circular knitting needles and they didn't have the right size :( So we got 8 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup, 2 packs of lunch meat (using a Cub price match) and then my husband threw in his MtnDew to skew my savings :P $9.28 OOP for $15.50 is only 40% savings. You take his Dew out and then we'd been at $7.78 for $14 and a 45% savings.

Lots of coupons expiring tomorrow and I didn't really find any super great ones this week in the paper. Once again (for the second time in 4 weeks) the Pioneer Press didn't arrive at my house this morning. Debating calling and cancelling and demanding a refund.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today was a shopping day! I ended up with $137.31 worth of merchandise and paid $54.03 OOP. It gets better as I also received a $10 American Express gift card, $2 off my next Rainbow purchase, and $1 ECB. That brings the total down to $41.03 for a savings of - 70%. This included trips to 5 stores. Note: It was double coupon day at Rainbow and double coupon week at Kmart - and in Oakdale they just so happen to be right next to each other making it easy to go to both!

Staples (52 cents for $10.52) - 95% savings
Victoria's Secret ($0 for $9.50) - 100% savings
CVS ($23.55 for $52.58 + $10 AMEX GC + $1 ECB) 55% savings (76% if you count the OYNO)
Kmart ($6.12 for $12.08) - 49% savings
Rainbow ($23.84 for $52.63 + $2 catalina) - 55% savings (59% if you count the OYNO)

Should have been higher savings, but our FAVORITE Fuze (Strawberry Guava) was on sale at Kmart and I didn't have a coupon for it and no stores closer to us carry that flavor. If you take out the Fuze my Kmart total would have been 52 cents for $6 for 87% savings there that would have made my overall savings 73%.

The ONLY thing I paid full price for today was milk. That's because I really didn't think it was worth making another stop to save 40 cents by getting it at ALDI instead of Rainbow.

New to coupon lingo? OYNO = on your next order; OOP = out of pocket; ECB = Extra Care Buck (CVS 'cash'); catalina = register coupon print outs

Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Friday! My tips for today are...

Be organized! For those of you reading that know me personally - stop laughing! Yes, I am probably the most unorganized person you'll ever meet, but there is an organization to my coupon madness! Whether you have a little coupon organizer (usually $5 or less - even a note card case works) or a zipper binder or a filing cabinet full of coupons - they are of no use if you don't know what's where and can find what you need for what you plan to shop for. Figure out a logical order for your coupons that works for you! I have mine in order of aisles at the local grocery store. This, of course, does not correspond with ANY other store I've ever been in - but it's what I know. Even though I don't shop there much anymore, since I shopped there for 10+ years, to me it's how a store should have their aisles ordered.

Also, find match up web sites for your area. There are lots of match up web sites out there to match up store sales with available coupons. Many of them cover the national stores, but you can find your local stores as well. Maybe not your mom and pop grocery store in town, but you never know! I frequent three main ones which I'll put in my links on the side. Many of the national store match ups are the same and taken from an initial poster and passed around to other sites with a citation or thank you.

For peeps in my area (the Twin Cities Metro) - is an awesome resource since it's local! She also posts many national deals as well, but Roundy's/Rainbow, Cub, and Coburn's are on there!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just a quick list of before buying tips...

Have rewards cards!

Staples, Kmart/Sears, Roundy's, County Market, CVS, etc... Staples has many items rebated back with your card and they give you rewards for recycling ink cartridges ($2 each with a max of 10 recycled a month). I save them up until I have 9 or 10, since rewards are issued in $10 increments monthly. You also get a 10% rebate back on ink and paper purchases.

If you're smart and don't go crazy - store credit cards - Victoria's Secret and Kohl's. Victoria's Secret sends out lots of coupons and freebies to card holders. Kohl's sends out up to 30% off your total purchase coupons a bazillion times a year - PLUS you can get Kohl's cash back, which sometimes is valid over a 30% off coupon time as well!

Example - this week I got an email from Staples for a bonus $5 rebate reward. I also had an ad coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. This was great because I'd just run out of ink! I had 9 cartridges to recycle, so will eventually get $18 for those. I purchased the ink ($14.99), trading card holders (for couponing! $3.99), a clearance dual ring zipper binder with strap and handle! (regular $24.99 for $4.50), 2 sets of binder divider pages (regularly $2.99 each on clearance for 50 cents each!), and 2 rolls of clearance clear contact paper (50 cents each) = $16.58 oop after tax. So, basically I bought the ink and got the rest free :) AND I earned about $19 in rebates (the purchased ink gets discounted from the coupons, so the rebate isn't off the regular price which is kind of a bummer - but still savings). They also had a special of buying a pack of16 Duracell batteries for $9.99 and get the full amount of $9.99 rebated back (I passed on that since we mainly use rechargeable batteries and already have 2 16 packs of regular at home). Of course, my husband said I should have gotten them - but that would mean I'd have to find $40 worth of stuff to buy next time with the rebates! As much as I like a deal, I am trying to not buy just for the sake of buying.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Just setting things up and figuring things out a bit - so the panoramic of Duluth's pier I took last year is only temporary :) I hope to keep track of my savings safari and see if it really makes a difference! For now though - it took longer than I thought to figure out my old info. I claimed this piece of internet land 5 years ago and didn't remember! So, when i went to set this up - I was shocked that someone had already taken and then I find out it was me!