Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Today was a shopping day! I ended up with $137.31 worth of merchandise and paid $54.03 OOP. It gets better as I also received a $10 American Express gift card, $2 off my next Rainbow purchase, and $1 ECB. That brings the total down to $41.03 for a savings of - 70%. This included trips to 5 stores. Note: It was double coupon day at Rainbow and double coupon week at Kmart - and in Oakdale they just so happen to be right next to each other making it easy to go to both!

Staples (52 cents for $10.52) - 95% savings
Victoria's Secret ($0 for $9.50) - 100% savings
CVS ($23.55 for $52.58 + $10 AMEX GC + $1 ECB) 55% savings (76% if you count the OYNO)
Kmart ($6.12 for $12.08) - 49% savings
Rainbow ($23.84 for $52.63 + $2 catalina) - 55% savings (59% if you count the OYNO)

Should have been higher savings, but our FAVORITE Fuze (Strawberry Guava) was on sale at Kmart and I didn't have a coupon for it and no stores closer to us carry that flavor. If you take out the Fuze my Kmart total would have been 52 cents for $6 for 87% savings there that would have made my overall savings 73%.

The ONLY thing I paid full price for today was milk. That's because I really didn't think it was worth making another stop to save 40 cents by getting it at ALDI instead of Rainbow.

New to coupon lingo? OYNO = on your next order; OOP = out of pocket; ECB = Extra Care Buck (CVS 'cash'); catalina = register coupon print outs

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Doris said...

Priceless - almost.