Friday, October 21, 2011

It's Friday! My tips for today are...

Be organized! For those of you reading that know me personally - stop laughing! Yes, I am probably the most unorganized person you'll ever meet, but there is an organization to my coupon madness! Whether you have a little coupon organizer (usually $5 or less - even a note card case works) or a zipper binder or a filing cabinet full of coupons - they are of no use if you don't know what's where and can find what you need for what you plan to shop for. Figure out a logical order for your coupons that works for you! I have mine in order of aisles at the local grocery store. This, of course, does not correspond with ANY other store I've ever been in - but it's what I know. Even though I don't shop there much anymore, since I shopped there for 10+ years, to me it's how a store should have their aisles ordered.

Also, find match up web sites for your area. There are lots of match up web sites out there to match up store sales with available coupons. Many of them cover the national stores, but you can find your local stores as well. Maybe not your mom and pop grocery store in town, but you never know! I frequent three main ones which I'll put in my links on the side. Many of the national store match ups are the same and taken from an initial poster and passed around to other sites with a citation or thank you.

For peeps in my area (the Twin Cities Metro) - is an awesome resource since it's local! She also posts many national deals as well, but Roundy's/Rainbow, Cub, and Coburn's are on there!

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