Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Going to start saving for the big graduation party!  I haven't been posting shopping trips - because there are way too many to keep up on.  So the new task at hand is the graduation party.  I've already started the picture printing saving with all of Walgreens free photo deals lately.  Next up hopefully this weekend is paper plates!  Of course, it's always a risk to plan on purchasing something at Rainbow on double double day as they are ALWAYS out of everything, but fingers crossed and I hope to get going early! (HAHAHA).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So, with the PS3 Challenge being done - I don't have the drive to keep posting my trips.  Organizing for trips is long and tedious - just ask my husband who agrees to go with and totally regrets it after the waiting forever for the coupons to be cut, organized, printed, gathered, etc.

It's basically a part-time job for me now - I'd guess I spend anywhere from 5-15 hours a week couponing (preparing and the actual trip - which I include because it does take longer to shop with coupons and find the correct items - or rethink if they're out of stock).

I've been keeping a spreadsheet of all purchases from Walgreens and Target for the past year.  I am missing some receipts from spring/early summer of last year since I originally started it in October, then dug through all my receipts to go back further.  Walgreens I believe I'm at 75% savings and Target at 55%.  I know why the difference is there - included in that is clothes, DVDs, video games, etc bought at Target - which if they are on sale it's usually 5-10%.  Also, we only buy a specific type of toilet paper that you can't get cheap.  Example - yesterday's purchase is basically the best deal I get on it - 2 packs on sale ($1.30 off) $10.49 each and get a $5 GC - plus I had 2 $1 MQs and 2 $1 TQs.  $23.58 for $16.98 and a $5 GC - only 28% savings because the GC is counted as savings on the NEXT purchase in mind.

So, I sometimes feel like I'm failing as my Target % isn't higher - but at the end of my shopping trip yesterday at Target (normally would have taken 15-20 minutes, but searching for coupon stuff and things being out of stock ends up being 45 minutes) my total was $26 something, which normally I never go over $20 so that right there was a downer.  Yes, I saved over $37, but I'm trying to tighten up trips to under $20.  While I was thanking the cashier and leaving feeling defeat, the lady behind me says, "I really need a coupon clipper like you in my house!" which made me realize I wasn't defeated - I still "won."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

And the PS3 challenge has come to an end - and after an awesome start it finished poorly...  I think it was still great, though!  Yesterday bought some Kikkoman products for a stir fry dinner we'll have tomorrow night and paid $1.39 for $3.39 (savings of 59%).  That left me with $11.44 in GC.

Today bought lots of Skinny Cow and Snackwells (6 boxes of Skinny Cow and 3 boxes of Snackwells) along with mac and cheese, floss, and Uncle Ben's Rice at total of $39.33 for $11.97.  So, I had to pitch in 53 cents.

The $75 gift card from the PS3 purchased $268.17 worth of merchandise and then I had to throw in 53 cents at the end, which makes sense, since the PS3 only cost $298 something so I didn't really have to hit $300 exactly.

Overall savings of 70%.  I was going for 75% but Smart Ones frozen meals I bought earlier this week lowered my percentage - but they were a good purchase for my work lunches.  I only saved 40% on that day of shopping - which was the lowest percentage of savings for this challenge.

So, in the grand scheme of things - it ends up that we paid about $32 for the PS3 :)

On a side note - went to Walmart this week for some awesome savings...
4 cans of sweet potatoes and 4 packages of fried rice stir fry mix for a total of 12 cents...  hehehe  $6.88 was the value of the 8 items (98% savings).

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Today's trip didn't go quite as planned - there was a chance for free Breathe Rights at check out. Since I had a price match I had to go to guest services for check out - and they don't have catalina printers - so no chance at it printing.

Today's purchase - 6 boxes of Skinny Cow snacks, 3 boxes of Snackwells snacks (both for our new healthy diet plan at home), one box of macaroni and cheese, and a bottle of Theraflu.

Retail - $39.04 and paid $9.87 off the GC

Total so far $204.88 and I still have $20.70 left.  It's sad to think that I'm so close and yet the goal of $300 seems so far away.  I'm pretty sure now that I'll be a bit short :(

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The quest to hit $300 is still going.  Tomorrow I hope to put a nice dent in it - but yesterday I screwed up (only $1 - forgot to bring the printed ad for a price match, so paid $1 more than I should have).

Used up the last of my Mtn Dew coupons :( and got some free yogurt, cookie mix, and snacks.

$11.34 off the GC....  for $40.79 worth of items.

I have $30.57 left to spend and need to make it worth $134.16.  It's going to be close!

(so far made the first $44.43 worth $165.84)

Tomorrow - cold medicine, snacks, and macaroni!  Of course, I might find a few other things while I'm there.

Monday, January 02, 2012

With the holidays having just past - I have taken up a new savings task.  Last week, Target ran a special - a PS3 for $299 and get a $75 gift card.  My goal is to roll that $75 gift card into $300, so I can basically say we got it for free :)

After 3 shopping trips to Target since the purchase...  my current totals are...

$125.05 worth of merchandise - and I've only spent $33.09 of the gift card.

Now to make the last $41.91 worth $174.95...  I assume I will come up short - but, the PS3 was also on sale, so regular price would have been about $349 for the bundle, so I think as long as I hit $200 on the gift card, I'll be happy :)

Purchased so far:
Charmin Toilet Paper, Charmin Wipes, 4 6-packs Mtn Dew bottles, bath scrubbie, Scissors, 2 boxes of TGIF chicken, 2 Starburst storybooks (Christmas clearance candy is my downfall), 6 2-liters of Coke, and a Peacoat for me!