Thursday, December 08, 2011

Somewhere I have my receipts from a Target and Walmart shopping trip - but I just got back from Walgreens which I have a running spreadsheet on my savings there, so i always know where those receipts are.  Current Walgreens percentage is 73.28% savings (OOP total $81.77 for $306.08 worth of items since October 3, 2011).

Today was chocolate day at Walgreens!

2 boxes of Nestle Pot of Gold on sale 2 for $10 + $2 RR
4 bags of Hershey's Kisses on sale 4 for $10 + $5 off next purchase of Hershey's (2 manu Qs $1/2)
3 Butterfingers on sale 3 for 75 cents!
and I had $12 in RRs that expire this Saturday that I had to use... and why not on chocolate?

OOP - $7.93 for a savings of 79%, and if you count RRs then a 95% savings - but I think that inflates savings, since you end up double counting the RRs.  First you count when you get them, and then again when you use them?  That's faulty math... so I'll stick with the 79%

1 Pot of Gold is a gift and the other may end up being eaten by someone who will more than likely be me!  I plan on using the 4 bags of kisses to make cookies!  The 3 Butterfingers are just for me, who can pass up 25 cent candy bars?!?!?

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